Author: Rich Schmitt


Setup your own DMR Network with HBLink3

Want to setup your own HBLink3 server but have no idea where to start? This How To will walk you through installing, setting up and running your own HBLink Server. HBLink can running on just about any type of Server including a VPS and Raspberry Pi.

Getting Started in DMR

Getting started in DMR is a very easy task, and does not cost a lot of money.  Like most new things, without some direction it can become very overwhelming.  There are many options and products to choose from to get you into DMR.  Some products can cost a lot ofRead More

Digital is taking over the World

In the beginning… When I got into HAM Radio, in 1999, I bought a Kenwood HT, programmed it up and was talking on a local repeater.  Back then, as a new HAM that is what you did.  You could meet people from around your area and often had great QSO’s.Read More